Contextual advertising is usually used as an addition to the general complex of search engine promotion, in cases where it is necessary to quickly increase the number of sales, as well as if the site due to some specific features can not be effectively spun by means of SEO.

The cost of the services of the World of Web Development
The price for services for advertising campaign is 3800-4000 hryvnia, regardless of its budget. The results will be visible within three days – the site owner will see a sharp increase in sales and increase profits, so the cost of services will pay off very quickly.

  • Launch of an advertising campaign in contextual systems is performed during peak sales for projects that have a pronounced seasonality of promotion.
    One-page selling websites-landings are difficult to promote in search engines, because a small amount of content does not fix the attention of search engines. Therefore, attracting customers for lending is carried out through the purchase of traffic in advertising services.
    SEO-promotion of the site from scratch to a commercially acceptable level of traffic will take a long time. If the founders of the startup want to accelerate the growth of attendance, at the initial stage it is advisable to apply contextual advertising to familiarize the target audience with the new web project.
    Today, the most important and effective contextual advertising systems are Google AdSense and Yandex.Direct. Both services have similar features as well as significant differences.Depending on the purposes of the business, one or another advertising service is selected or both are used in parallel.

Contextual Advertising Yandex

Order advertising in Google AdSense is advisable in order to reach the audience of mobile Internet. Ads in AdSense can be used for technically complex products and services, since Google users have an average higher education level.
Optimization and adjustment of advertising campaigns in contextual advertising systems is conducted by the alpha-beta testing method. The marketer makes numerous experiments with different types of ads in order to find the most effective formats of commercial offers.
Support of advertising campaigns is a real art, requiring deep knowledge in the field of Internet marketing, understanding consumer psychology and possessing skills in dealing with modern software, without which it is impossible to handle the enormous amounts of data obtained in the monitoring of changing situations.

Contextual advertising Google

Google AdSense advertising service is not so popular with users as Yandex.Direct, but it has some important features and advantages.
-About 85% of all smartphones and tablets in the world operate on the Android platform.
-Android is Google.
-On all devices Android is used by default in browsers Google search.
-Therefore, the mobile target audience will search for products and services in Google search.



Stages of work

  • Studying of the promoted goods and services, the analysis of competitors. Creation of a semantic core, determination of the main key queries on which the site will be promoted.

  • Drawing up an advertising campaign plan. Grouping requests, evaluating landing pages, compiling and approving text ad clients.

  • Setting up an advertising campaign in Google AdSense and Yandex.Direct, installing analytical systems, remarketing codes, bid adjustment.

  • Daily check and correction (if necessary) of the advertising campaign, providing the client with detailed reports on the effectiveness of the campaign.