Website layout

Website layout

One of the obligatory steps when creating a web resource is site layout – the graphic shell developed by the designer must be correctly displayed in the browser so that all buttons work, and the user can perform the action he needs.

For this, the typesetter uses HTML-code – a special language for creating markup understandable to the browser. Order website layout services in the World of Web Development studio to make any resource convenient for use and as clear as possible for visitors.

We perform adaptive, cross-browser, static, tabular, block, valid HTML5 + CSS3 layout for any frameworks, content management systems.

What is included in layout services?

Even the most creative design and advanced functionality will not help the site if the elements do not display correctly on the page and the buttons do not work. This is especially important for corporate resources and online stores: layout violations produce a repulsive impression on customers, they will cause an increase in the number of failures and loss of profit. In order for the resource to work flawlessly and users like it, entrust the professionals of the World of Web Development company to make up the site: our employees have extensive experience and successfully cope with tasks of any complexity. When creating web resources, the following types of layout are used:


This technology is considered obsolete, and yet it is still widely used. This option is simple to execute, but it has a complex and voluminous structure, as a result, the amount of code increases. This option is usually used for pages with a large number of unrelated elements.


This is a more modern version, in which the <div> tag is used for the document frame. In this case, the code will be less cumbersome, it is possible to place a large number of blocks of information on the page.

Requirements for the correct layout of the site

To make the website convenient to use, and he coped with his task. Layout must meet several mandatory requirements:

To ensure that the site meets these requirements, use the services of experienced layout designers at the World of Web Development studio. Specialists have all the necessary skills to create user-friendly websites with adaptive display of pages. The finished resource will meet the goals: it will allow visitors to find the required content and use all the functionality.

Why should you contact our company?

Web studio “World of Web Development” for 9 years working on the creation of sites of various types and directions. We successfully implement projects of any complexity from scratch or find the best ways to upgrade and refine existing web resources.

Use the services of qualified typesetters who will be able to create an adaptive version with the correct display on the screens of any gadgets. This will help increase attendance and increase the interest of spruce audience.

All services for creating a site from scratch or its modernization are offered at a bargain price. This is a great opportunity to get the desired result with minimal cost. Call the indicated numbers to discuss the terms of cooperation!