Unique, trendy

Web site design – modern solutions

Web studio “The World of Web Development”, offers you the development and design of a modern, unique in its structure and mind design.

-Internet shop – Portfolio site – Landing page – Corporate site – Site directory – Mobile site design version – Graphical interface – Custom service

The team of the studio employs qualified web designers, with rich experience and portfolio, which understand usability, structural features, follow modern trends.

The site for people should provide visitors with the most comfortable conditions for finding information, meeting desires and getting help in solving problems.
Therefore, the design solution of the project should be simple and intuitive, standard and at the same time preserve the individual corporate style of the company.

Development of the site design begins with a detailed analysis of the goals and objectives of the project.

What kind of product does your company supply to the market?
Who is your target audience?
Since the web resource being developed for you is the main Internet marketing tool, the development team focuses on solving the main task of E-Commerce – to form a sales funnel and ensure smooth transformation of the casual visitor into a regular customer.

How loyal are the representatives of the target audience perceiving the site?

Is the chosen design positive for the search engine promotion of the site?

Does this format provide an acceptable level of commercial conversion?

How convenient is the site for users?

Website design is developed taking into account the principles of the functioning of human perception and emotional response to graphic shapes and colors.
Depending on the correctness of the chosen design decision, a visitor of the site can receive an unconscious powerful incentive to make purchases or be irritated and will want to leave the page immediately. Literally the slightest color shades of the “Buy” button change the number of orders by tens of percent.



Stages of work

  • Harmonization of technical specifications for the creation of web site design

  • Selection of site stylistics according to the wishes of the client

  • Drawing of pages, icons, blocks, forms

  • Design of the site according to the corporate style of the company