Programming for modern web resources

Programming Services
for modern web resources

One of the priorities of the creative agency “World of Web Developments” is the creation of modern websites. We understand that the site must function correctly, and therefore we offer web programming services for you.

Programming (in translation from the term Programming) means a process aimed at creating programs that operate on a computer. According to Nikas Wirth, the founder of one of the computer languages, programs are algorithms with data structures.


We work with different website programming technologies, each of which has specific features.

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We develop Front-End – the client side of the interface and site functionality. Our web designers create CSS layout, layouts, templates, layouts and scripts responsible for visualization and animation. Testing behavioral factors. Thanks to the close collaboration of the frontend developer with programmers, designers and UX analysts, the planned results are achieved.

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We develop the Back-End – software-hardware (server) part of the interface. We create the core of the site, work with the architecture of the code, develop the platform, the main functionality and the administrative component. Back-end developers maintain dynamic website and corporate blogs that require regular content. We support, ensure security and content management.

Front-end and back-end programming is necessary to create a full-fledged company website with an optimal set of functions. This allows you to work at no extra cost and contributes to the smooth operation of the Internet resource.

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Developing mobile hybrid applications (React Native. Cordova, Ionic)

Mobile applications accelerate the company’s business processes. Allows you to coordinate office memos, approve leave, etc. They do not require additional investments, because each employee has a mobile phone. Corporate mobile application should work correctly and have a single code on the devices.

React Native

The most common technology for programming service with high-speed applications with scripts on JS. Calling native components occurs through JavaScript, providing speed. The disadvantages are the study of JS classes and methods of implementation


A technology implemented in the language of html and js calls to plug-ins of native functions. Easy to adapt and create a mobile site. You can work on the API, and the layout files are in the application resources. Among the drawbacks are a bulky shell for older versions of iOS and Android


Represents an addition to the popular Apache Cordova. It has a powerful CLI and extensive documentation.

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We have considerable experience building API. API – web application programming interface with the provision of partial low-level functionality of the system for development.

Example № 1.
Other companies can use your database with enterprise applications. Sale is economically unprofitable. Information leakage is possible.

Example № 2.
The social network Vkontakte regularly provides specialists with a part of the system for upgrading

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We work with the most common content management systems (CMS)

We support websites based on CMS WordPress, Joomla, Bitrix, etc. This is necessary in the process of web programming not only corporate sites, but also online stores. Trust us on any CMS site, and we will customize it, optimize and expand functionality. It will be easier for your potential customers to find you on the Internet.


Stages of work


  • Creation of technical specifications

  • Design

  • Development

  • Launch