Site adaptation

One of the services of the studio “World of Web Development” is the adaptation of the site for all devices. The number of users visiting sites using smartphones, tablets, laptops and other mobile devices is constantly growing, so you need to take care that the page is displayed correctly on all types of monitors.

A distorted image and inconvenient functionality will lead to the loss of potential customers, so you need to take care of timely adaptation.

Professionals of our company will help to solve this problem – use our services! We offer website adaptation for all PC and laptop monitors, as well as for any resolutions of mobile devices and tablets.

Adaptation options

Mobile site adaptation can be carried out in two main ways:

Responsive design development.

This is a refinement of the appearance of the site, which will correctly be reflected on screens of any size and resolution. This is a relatively quick option that will allow the user to easily view content and use all the features of your resource. However, it has a minus – the page size with the responsive design remains the same, so the page loading can be long.

Creating a full mobile version.

Such adaptation of the site will weigh much less, load faster, and there will be nothing superfluous on the pages. As a result, it will be most convenient for the user to press buttons on the pages, view content and perform targeted actions.

The choice depends on the type and scale of the resource. For a small site with a small number of pages, the development of an adaptive design is sufficient, and large resources will require the development of a full version for viewing from mobile devices.

What does website adaptation give?

Why should you contact us?

Studio “World of Web Development” offers the services of qualified programmers with extensive experience. We have been working in this field for 9 years: more than a hundred successfully completed orders and satisfied customers are on the account. Taking advantage of our offer is beneficial for many reasons:

The World of Web Development studio offers a selection of a personal solution for adapting a site to any mobile device. It takes into account the number of pages, functionality, features of the content, the goals of the site and other parameters.

Contact our specialists to discuss possible cooperation options and choose the right service. We will select for you a personalized solution that will be most effective.

Adapting pages or creating a mobile version will help ensure the widest audience reach, this will positively affect the level of sales. Order a range of services today and get a great result!