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What is text copy?

Copyright, or, more correctly, copywriting – is writing advertising and presentation purposes. In RuNet, this term is perceived wider than in the western segment, and copywriting is often understood in general the creation of unique author texts of any subject.
Qualitative text content is a necessary condition for the promotion of any web resource in the network and increase the number of visitors. Web Studio The world of web development invites you to use the services of experienced copywriters to fill the content pages of any site.

The very term “copyright of the text” is closely related to the protection of copyright: the content can not be borrowed from other people’s sites, otherwise the resource will very soon come up against the claims of copyright holders and penalties of search engines. Quality texts to order must meet several important requirements:

Uniqueness. Copywriting involves the creation of a completely copyright text with an original structure. It is impossible not only to copy fragments of other people’s articles, but also simply to process one source, rearranging words and sentences in places. If information is already used, it should be collected from several sources.

Logical and accessible presentation of information. For this, subheadings, bulleted and numbered lists, allocation of information fragments and much more are used.

Selling Directivity. Qualitative copyright site allows you to increase the conversion, that is, to increase the ratio of buyers to visitors. Good content helps to multiply increase the number of transactions and increase the owner’s income.

100% literacy. Grammar errors not only make an unpleasant impression and reduce the credibility of the site, but also make it difficult to understand the information. Literacy is a basic requirement, and if there are errors in the texts on the site, this will negatively affect the positions in the search results.

Why should you contact us for copywriting?

Copywriting is not only knowledge of requirements and literacy, it’s also a creative creative approach to creating text content. This work requires high professionalism and experience, knowledge of marketing principles and buyer psychology. Take advantage of the services of real professionals, and all investments in the web resource will quickly pay off due to increasing profits.

We offer beneficial conditions to the site owners and guarantee the timely execution of any order. A professional approach and responsible attitude will ensure an excellent result. Take advantage of our offer right now, and we will help to ensure rapid promotion of the website!



Stages of work

  • Coordination with the customer of the technical task, clarification of the most important moments, determination of features and terms of work performance.

  • Collect information for writing, finding out the current trends in the subject of work, layout of the future article.

  • Writing material, editing and proofreading of texts, checking articles for compliance with the requirements of search engines, checking for uniqueness of finished works.

  • Transfer of texts to the customer (if necessary, the client can make edits and express wishes for the material), receive payment.