website address on the Internet

Регистрация домена

this is the procedure for obtaining a website address on the Internet, with the help of which any user, no matter how far away he is, will be able to access the content and services of the resource at any time.

Domain names of the site, except for a purely navigational function, serve as an essential part of the global brand of the company-owner of the project. To increase the recognition and facilitate memorability of the brand, site owners usually select a domain name that is consonant with the direction of activity, a trademark or simply bright, colorful and instantly imprinted in memory.

Domains are classified by zone, geographic or industry. The domain zone does not play an essential role in the search engine promotion of the site, rather, the peculiarities of human perception are important.

How is the domain name registered?

There are officially accredited domain registrars, however, it is not necessary to take a domain only from them. In the case of publishing a small number of sites it is much more convenient to get domain registration services from a hosting provider.
In this case, you absolutely do not have to deal with excessive bureaucratic red tape. Managers of the hosting provider will do everything and register the domain for the site to a legal or private person at your request.
The advantage of obtaining a domain name on the same hosting where you are going to host your sites is that domain registration is included in the general package of services and this allows you to save money. The saved money can be spent with greater advantage, having ordered services on SEO-optimization or to start campaign in system of contextual advertising.



Stages of work

  • Select the domain zone and name for the domain so that it reflects the name of the company or the scope of its activities.

  • Determining whether the domain name is free, agreeing the domain name with the customer.

  • Direct domain registration, signing of a user agreement (in electronic form).

  • Specify the DNS server where the Web resource will be hosted. Within a few hours, the domain can be used.