Website programming


One of the directions of the studio “World of Web Development” is the programming of sites. This work helps to combine the graphic design of the web resource developed by the designer with its functional content.

As a result, the site becomes “live”, the user gets access to all the functions to find the desired content and perform targeted actions. Use the services of professionals in our company and order programming to create an effective resource that will become a source of constant income.

Services of programmers of the studio “World of Web Development”

If you want to create a website, programming will become the most difficult and time-consuming stage of work, it is impossible to cope with it without special knowledge and skills. Programming can be not only a stage of work with a site – sometimes it is ordered as a separate service if an existing resource needs to be improved and finalized. The World of Web Development Studio offers to order the following website programming services:

Development of additional modules for Bitrix and Cs-cart.

This will expand the functionality and make the web resource more convenient and useful for visitors.

Integration into third-party services.

This greatly simplifies the work of stores and other large resources. Combining with 1C products and other types of software allows you to automate many work processes.

Website modernization and optimization

If the resource was created long ago, it needs to be updated to meet modern requirements. Website programming makes it possible to adapt it to changing tasks.


If at the initial stages mistakes were made, the resource will malfunction, this will lead to loss of customers. Our programmers will be able to find errors and eliminate them in order to give visitors access to all the functionality.

The help of professionals is the ability to correctly and inexpensively program a site to use various technologies and work with corporate platforms. As a result, the web resource will become convenient for users, as well as for managers and administrators of the owner company. Functioning and usability are important factors in creating a positive image in the network and attracting new customers.

Why should you contact our company?

Studio “World of Web Development” offers the services of qualified programmers with extensive experience. We have been working in this field for 9 years: more than a hundred successfully completed orders and satisfied customers are on the account. Taking advantage of our offer is beneficial for many reasons: