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Site maintenance –

This is an extensive set of technical and organizational measures designed to ensure continuous, uninterrupted, safe, economical and efficient implementation of the Internet resources of their tasks.
The list of actions and the order of their implementation is determined based on project objectives, level of commercial involvement, security risks and other relevant parameters.

The highest level of service quality is achieved with a system approach to the organization of processes, so the most appropriate format for the maintenance of sites is the site maintenance center.
After a comprehensive analysis of the project, a site maintenance plan is developed, consisting of daily, planned, preventive and extraordinary work.

Site maintenance center

The project should be optimized for the current algorithms of search engines. Since the policy of search engines often changes, it is necessary to adapt to the actual factors of search ranking in time and flexibly, to get rid of potentially harmful outdated SEO-settings.
What does the maintenance of the site include? The content management system provides high-quality operation of all interactive features of the site. The bad work of some modules is like if there are no cash desks in the supermarket, cashless terminals, no lighting, and so on.

On a continuous basis, the site’s availability is monitored. While conducting commercial activity on the Internet, even short-term interruptions in the work of the resource are unacceptable. For example, the inaccessibility of a site within just one hour leads to a loss of up to 70% of buyers.

The resource must be kept up-to-date in all directions. Regularly check the content of the site, delete outdated information and add a new one.

To prevent loss of site files, regular backups are created and stored in alternate stores.

Depending on the degree of risk, cybersecurity is organized against hacker attacks, virus infections and DDoS attacks.



Stages of work

  • Development of detailed technical specifications, clarification of the wishes of the customer, conclusion of the contract.

  • Analysis of the structure of the site, checking the functionality of the web resource, compiling a list of activities to customize the site functionality.

  • Analysis of the content of the site, the replacement of pages with outdated information, posting on the site of current content that meets the requirements of search engines.

  • Periodic verification of the health of the resource, its adjustment to the new requirements of search engines, regular updating of the content.