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Creation of mobile applications
our web studio

An IT agency creates various mobile applications for customer orders. Software will allow customers to solve the required technical tasks. Our company specializes in services of creation, SEO-promotion of sites, internet marketing.

The creation of mobile applications is carried out according to modern requirements, the work uses software platforms based on Cordova, Ionic, React Native.

The specialists of our WEB-studio have significant experience in building API. Work is carried out with operating systems IOS, Android. Programming of WEB applications is carried out under the current requirements of search engines. IT-engineers create computer software in a short time for the clients who applied. The cost of creating software for customer requirements starts from $ 2,000. Works are coordinated with the client at all stages of technical activities. Our WEB-programming studio performs one-time orders, leads a long-term cooperation with companies and individuals. The staff of the WEB-studio is a complex approach to solving problems in the field of mobile application programming. After receiving the application from the client, the technical issues are coordinated, an electronic platform is selected to create the project.

WEB programming services

Appears to individuals, representatives of companies. The cost of order fulfillment is calculated individually for each client. Prices depend on the level of complexity of the technical work, the urgency of the application.

We invite to the technical partnership of private entrepreneurs, representatives of commercial companies in the development, creation of mobile software.

Complex of work
in our WEB-studio

Our IT specialists for customer orders produce the creation of IOS applications in a reasonable, short time. The cost is pre-agreed with each customer. An electronic program template is created that serves as a further basis for the mobile application. On the resulting platform, a technical product is formed for the required functionality.

The created software is fully adapted to the requirements of the IOS operating system of any versions. The computer facilities of our WEB-studio will allow to produce high-quality electronic software products. The professionalism of the staff is confirmed by many years of experience.

In addition, we carry out programming of web applications for Android under the technical requirements of customers in a short time. Pricing for technical activities are agreed at the initial stages. Customers will receive an electronic software product in the required form in a short period of time.

You can get acquainted with our developments, the service provided on the service Internet resource. Technical support of clients, consultations are carried out through our website on the Internet. We advise you to arrange, order WEB-development services in our IT-company at reasonable rates. Web studio managers will advise clients on technical issues of interest.

We recommend contacting our IT agency for the receipt of a development service, the creation of mobile applications, SEO website promotion, Internet marketing. We perform programming of WEB-resources on several electronic platforms – Ionic, Cordova, React Native. We will help customers in choosing the right mobile-software product.


Stages of work


  • Creating TK

  • Design

  • Development

  • Launch