we will rewrite the text

What is rewriting a text?

Rewrite is the result of processing an already existing text, one or more sources can be used to create it. Rewriting is one of the ways to fill a site with text content, and it will cost the owner much cheaper than copywriting, that is, writing author’s texts from scratch.
However, now the boundary between rewriting and copywriting is gradually blurred, as the creative processing of other people’s texts allows you to get a completely new and unique text material.

What should the articles be rewritten?
A qualitative rewrite involves not simply retelling “in your own words” a ready-made text or simply replacing words with synonyms. This is a creative work, requiring the use of several sources, generalization and simplification of the material. A good text should correspond to several features:

Uniqueness. To test it, special programs have been developed that make it easy to identify surface rewriting with the replacement of endings and the permutation of words. If you order rewriting from professionals, you can get texts that will not cause any claims from search robots.

Logical and literacy. More recently, the re-terriers have used synonymyzing – the replacement of words by synonyms with the help of programs. Naturally, it is simply impossible to read such a text, the original meaning can be completely lost. To write a rewrite, the author should be able to clearly and clearly state his thoughts on his own and not make mistakes.

Sequence of exposition. The content should be useful for users, and rewriting helps inform the reader about products, services, offers, etc. It does not always require the author’s vision of the world, often qualitative rewriting is more useful, profitable and effective.

Rewriting very often requires an even more responsible attitude to information than copywriting, especially if it concerns complex topics.
To our employees you can entrust any task: we guarantee quality unique content without logical, actual and any other errors. This will increase the position of any site in the search result and win the trust of users, while you can do very little. You can make your resource useful to users, and in the future it will become a source of constant profit, which will only grow. Trust us to complete the site, and you will not be disappointed with the result!