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Site refinement –

these are activities that are performed with a web project in situations where deficiencies were identified during the audit or the company changed its nature of activities.
Sometimes the project founder acquires a ready-made resource and in this case it is necessary to redesign the site in accordance with new goals and tasks. The acquisition of the old project is a profitable investment of funds.
The fact is that the site with age already has a trust that helps search engine promotion. Therefore, a small refinement of the site allows you to save money to a large extent on the promotion of the resource and promotion in the search.

Site refinement – the order of carrying out
It is necessary to compare the current capabilities of the resource with the required ones and make a list of activities for modernization, redesign, adding or removing interactive functions, replacing content, updating SEO optimization.

  • The design of the site template is redrawn in accordance with the new corporate style and current trends in the thematic niche, industry, market segment.
  • The content management system is updated to the latest version and completely reconfigured to the required parameters.
  • The content of the resource is edited or replaced by the new semantic core of the site.

Continuous improvement of the web project

Site improvement should be done on a regular basis. Modern Internet marketing strategies are based on alpha-beta testing, monitoring, data collection and integrated analysis of results.
Gradually making small changes in the set of functions, design, content and SEO-optimization, you can finally find the best, effective forms that will bring the project success in online business and give an advantage over competitors.
Such continuous revision of the project is called grous-hacking – the most modern and progressive direction in the promotion and promotion of websites and any projects on the Internet, which allows using explosive investments in the shortest possible time to ensure explosive growth in all important positions.



Stages of work

  • Coordination with the customer of the technical assignment, analysis of the thematic niche of the web project, definition of goals and objectives.

  • Finalization of the technical part of the site, carrying out the improvement of the functional necessary for the full-fledged work of the project.

  • Development of web design. Development of graphic components and images that satisfy the new style of the site.

  • Updating the content, replacing obsolete materials with new search engines that meet all modern requirements.