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what is an online store

It is a trading point located in the World Wide Web, and allows you to sell almost any type of goods. Often, online stores are created in addition to the existing offline supermarket in order to expand trade. Other online shops are engaged exclusively in the sale of goods on the Web.

Delivery of purchases directly from the supplier’s warehouses, this eliminates the various intermediary wrap-ups of the final cost.

There is no need to pay rent of retail space and maintain staff.

“Due to the specific format, online stores have difficulties in search engine promotion, and only experienced Internet marketers and SEO optimizers are able to solve the problem of effective and fast promotion”

Creating an online store from scratch

Creating an online store in Kiev – a profitable investment of funds, make a quality online resource will help the company World of Web Development. In large metropolitan cities, the audience of Internet users is much more active than in the province, and online purchases are made much more often. Therefore, in such conditions, almost every outlet of the city should have a parallel online store. To make an online store, you need a special content management system that provides the following functions.

Creation of catalogs and showcases of goods with photos and videos. Rapid addition of a large number of assortment units using table files.

Implementation of payment gateways containing any payment methods of purchase. A news channel containing information about sales, promotions, discounts, new acquisitions.

Registration of users, personal cabinet, saving of purchase history. A system of statistics for monitoring the trading process and assessing the effectiveness of the business.

Feedback channels to support customers, so that the buyer could get recommendations, make a complaint. System of informing the client about the state of purchase, delivery.



Stages of work

  • Signing the contract, setting goals and objectives. Drawing up of the technical task taking into account the wishes of the customer, coordination of the cost of work.

  • Choosing a content management system, developing a web design layout and page layout, installing and configuring software modules.

  • Purchase of a domain name and site parking on hosting, testing of a web project, filling with basic content, including texts, photos and videos.

  • Training the customer to work with the site, the transfer of the site card with access codes to the new web resource.