Complex site audit
internet project research

Site audit

This is an in-depth study of the Internet project in order to identify shortcomings and errors that prevent the resolution of any important tasks.
Since site audit is quite a labor-intensive and expensive exercise, most often the study does not focus on the entire resource as a whole, but only certain critically important areas are tested.

In modern conditions, the most influential parameters of promotion in the search engines have become behavioral factors. The behavior of people on the pages of the site is determined in many ways by the convenience of the resource for use. Therefore, the audit of website usability today has become a popular and demanded service.

How to determine how comfortable the visitors feel on the pages of the site? For this, special software and SEO services are used.

Стоимость аудита в компании Мир веб разработок

  • Site security audit – a check for the possibility of hacking a resource – 4 500 hryvnia.
  • Audit of website promotion – control of the site’s compliance with the requirements of search engines – 4 500 hryvnia.
  • Technical audit of the site – analysis of the technical component of the site (meta tags, headlines, etc.) – 4 000 hryvnia.
  • Text audit of the site – checking the text of the resource for the occurrence of marketing keywords – 2500 hryvnia.
  • Search audit of a site – check of the most important from the point of view of search systems of site parameters – 3500 grn.
  • Analysis of competitors’ sites – a search by markers for the main milestones of Internet promotion of rivals – 4500 hryvnia.
  • Audit of site usability 6500 UAH.

Complex site audit

Technical audit of the site. Code quality checking, validation, search and removal of garbage.

Content audit. Checking the overall information quality of content and matching its optimization to modern conditions of search ranking.

SEO-audit. Analysis of internal and external optimization of the site, verification of the reference mass, the study of social signals.

Today, the SEO-audit of the site is aimed not so much at studying the technical state of the site as it is on the relationship of visitors with the web project as a complete system of services designed for convenient and full-fledged solution of user tasks and helping people solve vital problems.

The quality of the Internet resource today is determined not by the purity of HTML-code, but by how people get positive or negative user experience from interacting with interactive services.

A qualitatively conducted audit of the site ends with the formation of a list of recommendations, after which it is expected to significantly increase the competitiveness of business on the Internet market.



Stages of work

  • Technical analysis of the code and checking the internal structure of the site. Correcting inaccuracies and errors on the main and auxiliary pages of the web resource.

  • Evaluation of web site design. Correctly designed resource attracts users and with a high degree of probability it will return to it again, and this dramatically improves behavioral factors.

  • Analysis of site content. Verification of the quality of materials, relevance to their subject matter, uniqueness of photographic materials and text content.

  • Conclusion of conclusions and recommendations necessary for the subsequent qualitative optimization of a site under modern requirements of search systems.