Logo development
Creatively and with meaning

Logo creation –

one of the first tasks in the formation of the corporate identity and popularization of the company’s brand. Marketers unanimously assert that all well-known brands have at least significantly less money to spend on commercial advertising.
As a maximum – competent development of the logo makes the image of the company recognizable, and the products – desired at the subconscious level. An experienced businessman knows that people often make purchases not by reason of common sense, but under the influence of emotional motives.

The role of the logo in business development
The main task of the logo is instant memorability. Once you order a logo, a person sees several icons of different companies on homogeneous goods in front of you – do you think which product is more likely to be bought?
That’s right – the product with the most famous logo. The potential buyer first of all pays attention to the logo as a kind of quality sign and a guarantee of complete satisfaction. And only then begins the study of the specification of the goods.

Logo development

To create a company logo, a team of designers, marketers and experts in consumer psychology conducts thorough research on the specifics of the target audience’s mentality.
As you can see, the price for a logo for your company is not at all the cost of the artist’s work to create a small uncomplicated drawing. A successful logo is a guaranteed investment in the development of your business, which will bring you high dividends over the years to come.
The logo carries the corporate style of the company and in the future plays its role in the creation of the site, in the design of the site and much more.



Stages of work

  • Collection of information about the company for which a logo is created, clarifying the wishes of the customer, identifying the characteristics of the target audience of the company

  • Development of the concept of the future logo. Several logos are developed at once (image, letters, combination of pictures and letters, etc.)

  • Changes in the concept of the logo being developed. For example, designers may like the logo, but the customer does not (or vice versa).

  • The introduction of the logo is the final and most important stage. The concept of the marketing campaign is being developed, the carriers of the logo are being thought out, etc.