search promotion

SEO-site promotion

Is an Internet marketing strategy, through which the company’s website receives a large number of visitors due to the high position in the results of the search engines.
According to statistics, about 70% of Internet users never open more than one page of search, and 85% or more – only view the top three announcements on the page.
SEO-site promotion allows the company to receive high targeted traffic at relatively low financial costs.

Advantages of search engine promotion

Although at the initial stage this strategy will take quite a long time and serious efforts to achieve the first results, after the resource has acquired a certain level of trust in the search systems – the trust – the project begins to live its own life and can keep high positions in the search results with the minimal effort on the part of the owner .

Cost of integrated SEO-promotion

The cost depends on the type of site, the volume of tasks and the number of requests promoted, in the company “The World of Web Development” rates are from 10,000 hryvnia.
If the promoted project has a special level of complexity, the price is calculated individually. The cost of traffic promotion starts from 12000 hryvnia.
As a result of our work, after 3 months you will see that your site has dramatically improved its position in search results. This means that after this period your business will rise to a completely new level, the number of orders and calls will increase dramatically, your company will acquire a lot of new customers and, accordingly, you will be able to receive significantly greater profits.

  • Analyze the goals and objectives associated with a business web project
  • Search for a promising target audience
  • Formation of the semantic kernel – selection of search queries, according to which the resource will be promoted in the search.
  • Create high-quality and unique content for promoted key phrases.
  • Internal technical optimization
  • Improving the network reputation of the project.
  • Extension of the external citations network
  • Working with social signals </ strong>.



Stages of work

  • Obtaining information about the company’s business, setting goals and objectives, determining the competitive advantages of promoted goods and services, signing a contract.

  • Compilation of a semantic kernel. Experts select optimal key queries, according to which the site should take the first positions in the issuance of search engines.

  • Site audit. At this stage, analysis of technical indicators and content of the resource is carried out, errors are eliminated on pages that interfere with website promotion.

  • Internal and external optimization of the resource. SEO-optimization of content is carried out, external and internal linking of pages of a site, stimulation of natural links, etc.