Social Marketing
SMM. Advertising in social networks.

SMM is the maintenance of your social page (facebook, instagram).
Target audience analysis
Social page analysis, for errors + correction
Basic page maintenance
Individual design of images
Working with opinion leaders (bloggers, people, target customers)

What are the ultimate goals for the company? Selling goods? Obtain orders for services? The nature of the product depends on the target audience.

Attraction targeted subscribers is guaranteed 1000 subscribers per month.
Impressions of banner advertising, up to about 3 million displays in any country in the world, on a specific topic
Full page administration
Additional posting (more than 3 posts per week)
Project management on weekends and holidays
Doing business in English
Preparing content in English

Advantages of social media marketing

In the case of a well-chosen strategy and effectively conducted advertising campaigns in the social environment, there is a so-called viral effect. Users become so excited by some event that they begin to distribute advertising information of their own free will.

The complexity of promotion in social networks is to prevent users from even the slightest suspicion of the advertising nature of the shares. Otherwise, people will be offended, disappointed and the activities will lead to the opposite result.



Stages of work

  • Definition of specific tasks and objectives, analysis of competitors. Experts need a clear understanding of what goods and services will be promoted, what are the main competitors of the company, etc.

  • Creation of groups with the target audience, primary filling and design of groups. For successful promotion of goods in social networks, it is necessary to attract the target audience.

  • Generate useful and relevant content. To maintain a constant interest in a branded account, you need really high-quality and up-to-date content.

  • Activities that allow you to maintain a high interest in the page, holding, competitions, promotions to generate a viral effect from promotion.