Сorporate style
Creation of corporate style of the company

Why do you need to create a corporate style of the company?

Creation of corporate identity is one of the fundamental points of modern marketing strategy. The state, in order to be sovereign, it is necessary to have a coat of arms, a flag and a hymn. Companies to be successful and prosperous – you need a logo, corporate identity and slogan.
Corporate identity will help the company to attract the general attention of a potential client and thereby secure a competitive advantage.
Corporate identity is the foundation that allows in the future to build on its basis the creation of web site design, the creation of a logo, the creation of other design elements of the company.

Development of corporate style
The development of the corporate style is conducted intuitively, by sequentially sorting out the subtlest variations of literally every single element.

Например, небольшое изменение оттенка кнопки «Купить» может увеличить продаваемость товара буквально в несколько раз. В зависимости от основного продукта подбирается цветовая схема и стилевые визуальные и звуковые решения.

Corporate identity search

The choice of a company’s style is a creative activity and the results are sometimes completely surprising and unpredictable. In some cases, designers and marketers through internal foresight create a time-passing style solution for the company.



Stages of work

  • The preparatory stage includes gathering information about the company, finding out the wishes of the customer, analyzing the main competitors of the company and its target audience.

  • The second stage involves defining a strategy and developing a concept for the future corporate identity. Gather ideas, images of style, etc.

  • The third stage is the definition and selection of the main variant of the style from all sentences, visualization. Selection of fonts and symbols is carried out, sketches are created.

  • Development of brand beech, introduction of corporate identity, identification of carriers, at the request of the customer, patent protection of the developed style of the company.