Translation of texts
qualitatively and on time

Translation of texts may be required for many reasons: this includes working with international documents, filling websites with information from foreign resources, and much more.

This is the work of creating an accurate interpretation of the text when it is proposed from one language to another, it is necessary not only to choose the right words by value, but also to preserve the original structure and style features. Company The world of web development, and abbreviated MWR offers urgent translation of English texts, your order will be executed by real professionals.

What should be a good translation?
The task of an interpreter is to convey the content of the text as accurately as possible, without distorting the content and introducing a minimum of additional information for the successful perception of the original. Coping with it is not easy, because you need to take into account not only the features of grammar, but also a different understanding of certain concepts, subtlety in the meanings of synonyms and much more. Translation of English texts will be successful only if the specialist has several skills:

Perfect knowledge of foreign and native language. The specialist should not only have a rich practice of communication and reading in English, but also be able to perfectly present the information in Russian. Our company offers services of experienced translators working in many fields of knowledge.

Feeling of style. Translation of texts in English requires a clear understanding of why they are written and where they will be used. Knowledge of style subtleties comes with experience, so it’s so important to order a translation from a professional. This concerns not only artistic works, but also advertising, reviews and many other varieties.

Ability to work with dictionaries. Any language is constantly evolving and improving, so a specialist should know where to find a new meaning, and how to find a suitable equivalent in Russian. For many English terms today there are no complete Russian analogues at all.

We offer affordable prices for all services, including support for sites, and a good translation will not cost too much. The services of specialists will allow us to solve the problem in a short time, while we can work even with large volumes of material. You can get a high-quality translation of documents, technical texts and other complex sources, for which you need high professionalism.
You can use our offer right now: we are always ready to work and can guarantee its high quality. Contact our staff and find out the prices: you will make sure that we offer the most affordable conditions.
You do not have to regret your decision, this is confirmed by the feedback of our customers: the quality work of an interpreter will be a quick and profitable solution to the problem.



Stages of work

  • Acquaintance with the texts that need to be translated, clarifying the wishes of the customer, agreeing on the timing of the translation.

  • We do not use software translation tools, specialists do the work personally, without any technical means.

  • Proofreading, editing texts, eliminating possible semantic or factual errors, checking spelling and punctuation.

  • Checking the finished materials for uniqueness, sending texts to the customer, if necessary, updating after checking the content by the client.