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Company official on the Internet

A corporate site can have a very different format depending on the scope of the company. The most common types are business cards and corporate portals with more extensive functions.

It may be its task to inform Internet users about the products sold, the services provided, the location of the company and the means of communication.

Corporate management portals allow you to effectively organize production and business. it is easy to implement remote work on projects and manage large-scale holdings with branches in different countries.

A corporate website often serves to inform potential customers about the company’s activities through the Internet in order to get acquainted with the company’s activities.

Stages and planning

The first step is to research the business, determine the goals and objectives of the company, clarify the issues with products and find the target audience. In the future, the creation of a corporate site takes place in accordance with the information received from the customer.

Create a website design in accordance with the existing corporate style.

Selection of a content management system with the necessary functions.

Development of the site structure. Writing texts and filling pages.

Debugging an impeccable site and posting on the Internet.

Then the stage of promotion and promotion, maintenance and administration of the project in the regular mode begins.



Stages of work

  • Formulating goals and objectives, agreeing with the client requirements and wishes for the design and content of the site, signing the contract.

  • Web design development, layout coordination with the customer, website layout, installation and debugging of software.

  • Registration of a domain name and placement of a site on the hosting of the provider, filling of the site pages with basic graphic and text content.

  • Testing the work of the site, training the customer to the basic functions of the web resource, the transfer of access codes to the site, the signing of the act of work performed.